Carbon Arrow makes private investments in companies from seed to growth stage and sponsors recapitalizations of established and mature businesses. We also invest in select limited and general partnerships to provide exposure to a certain geography or sector.

Seed and Venture Capital

We invest in growing companies that typically fit into one of three investment themes:

  • Disruptive, "full-stack" approaches to traditional sectors where technology has not been highly utilized 
  • Enabling technologies and services for growth markets 
  • Horizontal applications of leading edge technology 

We also invest in the occasional "moonshot" opportunity - a high risk company with the opportunity to achieve exceptional returns and to be involved in a truly world-changing product or service. 


Investments are made as a participant in meaningful seed rounds or alongside institutional firms in venture and growth rounds. 


Growth and Buyout Capital

We sponsor transactions with established and mature companies having the following characteristics:

  • Mission-critical products and services that provide a solid recurring revenue base
  • Closely-held businesses with little to no prior institutional capital 
  • Strong set of long-tenured, enterprise level customers


We make select fund and general partner investments which either focus on an emerging market or in a sector where the managers bring significant domain expertise.